Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Campaign Slogans

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has declared his candidacy for the presidential elections. Syria is currently in a civil war. We at look at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad campaign slogans to win reelection as Syrian president.

Bashar al-Assad a softer dictator.

Vote for me or I will kill your family & destroy your town.

Yes We Can and We Will So Vote For Bashar al-Assad.

At least I didn't give you Obamacare.

Vote for the Alawite and you'll be alright.

Bomb, baby, Bomb!

A president who says what he means.

You didn't build that, so why worry when I blow it up?

If you don't like Bashar al-Assad move to Jordan.

Bashar al-Assad, there really is only one choice, literally!

Less Taxes Through More Bombings.

Fired up! Ready to Stay.

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