Little Known Rudy Giuliani Claims Against President Barack Obama

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has recently made some wild claims against President Barack Obama, including that the president doesn't love America. sleuths have uncovered some other little known Rudy Giuliani claims against the president. For your inquiring mind we present, Little Known Rudy Giuliani Claims Against President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, Concord, NH
Barack Obama,...

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President Obama adds grey coloring to his hair to look more mature.

The president gave illegal late-term abortions to Chicago women using a grabber claw tool while working as a community organizer.

A young Barack Hussein Obama went to a Madrassa school in Pakistan.

The president was raised by a white mother and white grandparents and is actually white and wore blackface to get elected.

He was an avid follower of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and even played basketball with him.

President Obama is responsible for the Middle East chaos because he is against torture.

Not only did a young Barack smoke pot he actually inhaled it too.

The President has plans already drawn up for his face to be added to Mount Rushmore.

Not only was President Obama not born in America but he was actually born on Jupiter's moon Europa.

Michelle Obama is a transgender man and the Obama's two kids were bought from a homeless woman in Chicago.

President Obama is anti-America because he will not rubber stamp the Republican Congress' legislation.

Rudy Giuliani lost the 2008 Florida Republican primary due to Obama campaign's dirty tricks.

The president is not trust worthy because he has never been divorced.

President Obama doesn't love the Chicago Bulls and he only likes the Blackhawks and Bears.

President Obama used the 9/11 attacks for political purposes.

The president doesn't love America because he is a Democrat and only Republicans love America.

President Obama never gives a speech from his desk in the Oval Office because he is afraid a bird will fly through the window behind him while he is speaking. The president is afraid of birds.

The 2013 Fort Lee lane closures were due to Obama operatives not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or his people.

President Obama and the liberal media have used my blunt language to make me look like a moron. It is Obama's fault for making me, Rudy Giuliani speak.