Things Overheard At The Jeb Bush Campaign

Jeb Bush

Can Jeb fit in George W's old flight suit?

Even Red Bull couldn't give Jeb wings.

Vote Bush, third times the charm.

New slogan: Jeb can fix it, except sewer systems.

When Jeb hits the stage cue the music Eye of the Tiger.

We spent how much money for these poll numbers?

Polls, shmolls.

Another debate performance like the last one and Jeb will be debating Santorum, Graham & Pataki.

You know the campaign isn't going well when Jeb has to campaign in Florida.

If this is the joyful Jeb I would hate to see the angry one.

I'm switching to Rubio. They still buy lunch for the volunteers.

The last thing Jeb fixed was George W's Florida vote count and for that he needed Katherine Harris' help.

I'm thinking we shouldn't unpack the Mission Accomplished sign.

Jeb couldn't be a smart debater if he slept at a Holiday Inn Express.

At least he is a better campaigner than Pataki, well maybe not.

Maybe it is time Jeb did some of those cool things he could be doing.

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