Money Christmas And A Happy New Year

Presents to buy, money to spend, charges to make
That is what Christmas is all about
For Christ's sake
The postman picks up his gifts on his route
The season is rated by money spent
In the name of good cheer
No dollars left to pay the rent
I used it on my little dear
Gifts to my family, friends, co-workers and neighbor
This season brings to me debt
Christmas has become a labor
Out of money, I've begun to fret
We pray to the commercialism
An accepted part of our behavior
It's a modern version of Catholicism
Spending money in the name of our saviour

Anson Pine

Can't Get No Christmas Spirit

Christmas is the most wonderful season
Joyously decorating trees with colorful lights
To give a gift you don't need a reason
A tree with presents is a beautiful sight
Carolers fill the night with song
Chestnuts roasting and eggnog drank
A chill in the air, there is something wrong
Everyone but me is swank
Christmas is the most wonderful season, except for me
While all sing songs and be merry
I sit home alone with a bottle of whiskey
Waiting till the season is over
It'll be along time till I'm sober
I just can't get no Christmas spirit
With little ado
You probably didn't expect to hear it
It's because I'm a Jew

Bernard Tinberg

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