Paranoid Poems

America's Fate
(Living In A Police State)

They listen to our telephone calls
Sift through our e-mails
Have bugs hidden in our walls
Yet, hooray to the chief they hail
Neighbors watching over you
The meter reader checks your yard
Everyone wants to know what you do
Better be on guard
The mailman reads your incoming letters
Looking for a threat
They know you use to be a sad little bedwetter
Now they try to get you in the dragnet
They check your credit card statement
Looking at what you bought
Even know you were late on your last payment
They know more than you thought
Government is watching you
A free society no more
Paranoid of another attack
They watch over everyone
Even when you are in the sack
Sadly democracy is done
In their haste to get the bad guys
They stripped you of your rights
And sold a bill of lies
Now you are in their sights
Enjoy the rest of your life
Looking over your shoulder
You can't even trust your wife
'cause you don't know what they told her
Everyone is under suspicion
Living in a police state
There will be no remission
And that's something you should hate

Anson Pine


Everyone is after me
The voices told me so
I hid up in a tree
Until it was time to go
My mother is an alien
on loan from Mexico
She rides upon a pillion
My dad works at Texaco
I am afraid to leave home
Except to visit my friend
A scruffy little gnome
Who is not pretend
One day I will get even
With those that chase me so
But until then I'll play with my gnome friend Steven
And wish that they would go

Little Jimmy

(Paranoia & Fear)

Sitting alone in my room
Smoking a big fat joint
Knowing the world is doomed
As Bush tries to make a point
I am right and you are wrong
Congress makes me sick
I would rather suck from my bong
Than the president's dick
Republicans care more about flag burning
And married gays
Than the Hummers blown up in Iraq that are overturning
More so these days
Republicans are all talk
They do anything for a buck
It is time for them to walk
I've got something they can suck
Getting elected with paranoia and fear
Is all a Republican needs this election year

Merle C. Paxton

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