Bored Poems

O Sue, Where Art Thou?

Laying on the sofa with nothing to do
Watching the ceiling fan's blades go round and round
Occasionally thinking whatever happened to Sue
Wondering if she still likes to be bound
Feel like Chinese food tonight
Think I will lay here for awhile
Would be fun to fly a kite
Or run a country mile
Don't really feel like doing much
Nothing worth watching on the old TV set
I think I'll just lay here as such
Can't think of anything to do quite yet
Haven't been to the horse races in a while
Use to bet a lot when I was young
Should buy for the kitchen some vinyl tile
That Sue she sure could give some tongue
I guess I could pay some bills and write some checks
Or wash the dishes in the sink
Man, that Sue was all hot sex
She was pretty in pink
I guess I could go on the Web
Or learn to play the bugle
That's it, I'll find my friend Sue
By doing a search on Google

Anson Pine

Please God

Why do I even exist
Everyone makes me mad
I am always pissed
Life is bad
Every day is a chore
And absolutely boring
My life is a snore
Stuck in a mall selling flooring
I don't even give a crap
Of the people I meet
To them I'm just another sap
Too feel they have beat
I watch the people walk by
Thinking that they have worth
They only exist to die
Nothing special about their birth
Another person on the Earth
To give anguish and pain
Does not give me mirth
It is just plain insane
A day goes by, a month goes by, a year goes by
Oh, please God, let me die

Merle C. Paxton

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