Deadly Poems

Silent Killers

Danger lurks behind every wall
Your eyes cannot detect
Deadly to those big and small
From human or insect
They are all around
The attack you will not hear
As they do not make a sound
But you should really fear
They are not nuclear or cluster bombs
No noise or explosion
But they too kill children, dads and moms
And will cause quite a commotion
Created by nature or in a laboratory
They are the silent killers
Unfolding a deadly story
Leaving only a city's pillars
Marburg, Ebola or West Nile
Mad cow or monkey
Death by virus is vile
Unconventional and funky
The city stands, the people dead
The government asleep
No one to remember what the politicians said
Only the statues stand to weep

In the airports they check the carry-ons
And look inside your shoes
For electronics to make bombs
With liquids that mix with booze
The terrorist is not daft
Rather inventive and quite bright
Their weapon on the aircraft
Appears not in sight
A virus they carry
To kill us all tonight
A scenario that's scary
And very tough to fight
They get on the plane, their weapon hidden
In their last breath
God forbidden
They spread our death

Anson Pine

The Security Song
(Beware Of Singing Politicians)

They are everywhere
Waiting to get you
Their mission to scare
Finger on the trigger
Warn of the danger
Fill that jigger
Or pray to the one from the manger
Not feeling secure
That's the plan
Sip some liqueur
Enforce a new ban
Give them your rights
In the name of safety
They end your plight
Rather hasty
Politicians sing the same tune
Scare you to vote for them
Or end up in a world of doom
Politicians sing the medley
But beware they can be deadly

Merle C. Paxton

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