Murder Poems

Satan's Jihad

Killing in the name of God
Is murder simple and plain
Claiming that the almighty gave you the nod
Is nothing but insane
God does not want you to kill
Your mind is twisted and bent
You have taken Satan's will
And now you must repent
For you no seventy-two virgins
Your afterlife will be in hell
Seventy-two slave masters will be your burden
In the afterlife's prison cell
So think my friend before you kill
Who you really pray to
Your actions are Satan's will
And the penalty in afterlife is yours to do
That is when your personal jihad begins
That is when you will find that you are not what you think
But you are a heathen
With God you have no link

Anson Pine

Cowboy Justice

I'm coming to get you
You stole my girl
I thought she was true
Until you took her for a twirl
You did her in the haystack
Man, that ain't right
Now, you I'm gonna whack
Once I get you in my sights
I'm riding off to Des Moines
To put a bullet in you
Cause I miss her succulent loins
So mister you're through
Write your will and say your good byes
She will be back with this lonely heart
Cause tomorrow you are gonna die
For this cowboy it's a new start

Merle C. Paxton

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