Political Poems

The Obamacare Lament
(The Affordable Care Act Lament)

I wanna sign up for Obamacare
I tried just yesterday
I clicked and surfed and got nowhere
What to think oy veh
Sorry, our system is down, it said
After I plugged in my info
Getting health insurance would wait another day
I was starting to see red
The president said keeping my healthcare plan would be okay
My insurance company said otherwise
Now Obama is quiet, just like the website
My old policy is ending and I am tired of the lies
To wait for the could take all night
And all I get from politicians is a lot of sighs

Anson Pine

Political Addicts

Florida Congressman Trey Radel bought cocaine
While he struggles with alcoholism
One wonders is the Congress sane
Toronto's mayor is a drunk and of little wisdom
He uses crack when in a drunken stupor
Mark Foley liked the young boys, so did Larry Craig
Especially in their pooper
For more they would beg
In between flights, the senator would get the urge
In the restroom with his wide stance
Looking for a penis purge
President Clinton preferred the ladies, using them like toys
He was always out of his pants
Bubba could charm a girl to death
Putty in his hands
she would end up in the sack
Under his spell like bad meth
Say what you will about Bill Clinton,
He never used cocaine but boy he sure likes the crack

Merle C. Paxton

Mr. Congressman

I want to be a congressman
get paid to go to Washington
Pretend to be the big man
And watch the money run
I want to make some cash
I want to make the rules
I want people to call me Mr. Congressman

I'm tired of being the little guy
Stepped on by corporate giants
I am no one they can buy
It is time to be defiant
I am gonna run against the Democrats
I am gonna run against the Republicans
I am tired of the money that tells them what to do

I want to be a congressman
get paid to go to D.C
With fire in my eyes
Take out those people that are sleazy
on taxpayer highs
And send them back to where they came
Cause in Washington all they do is blame
We need better people to represent
They don't have time to do the peoples' work
When they are busy in repent
So I want to be a congressman
And do the job they can't'

Anson Pine

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