Blood Sucking Poems

Sweet Ladies

I am not what you think
By day a nerdy tech guy
At night wild like a mink
I suck blood to get my high
Like a character in a cheap movie feature
I roam the streets at night
But I am not a fictitious creature
I am pale and gaunt
My energy from human blood
I taste it twice
Like a cow's cud
I prefer A positive but O will suffice
Bite a beautiful girl
and taste her plasma
Makes the hair on my back curl
Oh it is fantasma
So if my lovely you walk alone at night
I will be close
In the shadows out of sight
This is not a boast
But a warning to you
Suck your blood is what I will do
So come all young ladies
You are all so fine
In the name of Hades
You will be my wine

Anson Pine


I like to suck the blood from you
Each and every day
This is what I do
More than just for pay
I stick a tube into someone's arm
and watch the red blood flow
It won't do you any harm
Unless I make it so
Sometimes I make it painful
If you are being a jerk
Sometimes I make it sinful
While I am at work
But do us all a favor
Donate blood while you can
Those that need it, your blood they savor
They will be your fan
For I am a phlebotomist
and you are my life
Be thankful I am not your lobotomist
and you are not my wife

Merle C. Paxton

Blood Sucker's Lament

Vampires are everywhere
To the left and to the right
They are even in my underwear
Which is a little snug and tight
Everyone I know is a bloodsucker
You would be shocked if you only knew
How often they do pucker
Muslim, Christian and Jew
Vampires are of every kind
And if you look
They are easy to find
At night they stalk their prey
Energizing their body
For yet another day
You might think they are naughty
But they are just like you
Only they need blood for food
They can't buy it on a credit card
at the local store
Sometimes to get it may be hard
They need some gore
So cut vampires a little slack
We don't have sonar
It takes some tact
It is not easy finding a donor
In the middle of the night
Alcohol and drugs in a victim's bloodstream
Sometimes I get high as kite
Like a strange dream
So if you see me on the street
I may bite you in the neck
Or maybe even on your teat
It will only be a peck
Your blood I crave
Drip, drip, drip
Until I am in my grave
I must have it

Boris Slava

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