Relic Poems

Gone For All

Do you remember the telephone book
The booth it use to dangle from
Inside a phone tethered to the wall
For a coin in your pocket you would look
Using it to make a call
Relics of the past
The typewriter a mechanical device
to imprint letters on paper with ink
It would more than suffice
To the world a link
Phone books and typewriters
forever with us some did think
Victims of technology
Newspapers soon to follow
Good for ecology
with less trees to die
In happiness environmentalists wallow
but part of me gives a sigh
Everyone has a cell
Always within reach
pray tell
I am never alone
A call away
you can get me on the phone
Never a silent day
Ignore your call
for some peace
You think what gall
That feces
A simpler time is gone for all

Anson Pine


What is this unknown thing
I use to hear of it in the past
Forgotten in Congress by both wings
Often the first stone they do cast
While the bible they quote
Making themselves out to be an ass
Ideas they try to float
yelling at the other side
Into the camera a smile
with a remark so snide
It is almost vile
Representative of society
I think not
They live an opulent life
Often bought
To create a political strife
Often dueling
if not quite deft
The American people they are not fooling
The right nor the left
In the old days they had it right
Smack someone's face with a glove
To the death they would fight
For this I would love

Merle C. Paxton

(Makes Us Fat)

Obesity plagues the masses
Never getting up to change the channel of the TV
On the sofa with our fat asses
Except to take a pee
The TV dial is no more
Now television is flat
The remote control we all adore
And all of us extremely fat
We sit and watch the food ads
As we eat from our bag of Doritos
Together kids, moms and dads
On screen tasty pizzas, fried chicken and burritos
To look at a delight
Appearances can be deceiving
Even though good every bite
Yet you should be seething
No matter it is delicious
The hawkers are dashing
What they do is vicious
On your health they cash in
The television I must dis
The food will make you die
Your TV an accomplice
This is no lie
We all have too much weight
Turn off your TV
It doesn't have to be our fate
Not for you or me
So if you want to live longer
Put down the hamburger and fries
Endure the hunger
And we'll all have lengthy lives

Anson Pine

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