Poems For The New Year


Time moves at least they say
From here to there
each and every day
It goes to where
I do not know
Me think it really doesn't exist
It is nothing but a show
Time is only in the mind
If you get my gist
No future or past
Only an illusion
Hidden by a mask
A greater power's collusion
To make us think we exist
and continue on in our life
so we don't slit our wrist
We muddle through our strife
Another year we celebrate
With wine and food
Our life we equilibrate
While in a festive mood
We see our faces grow older
Assume time moves on
We must be bolder
And see it is nothing but a con
Time is a concept
An idea of the abstract
A belief of the inept
based on little fact
So with this in mind
Have a happy new year
And to all be kind

Anson Pine

A Crazy Kinda Love

It's a new year
and here I am again
Me and my dear
in a little pain
The new year we will bring
with fun and folly
I have tied her up with string
My little dolly
Then her ass I will whip
Long after she will yell and scream
She is that kinda chick
It's a crazy sex dream
She likes to be tied
To her nipples are battery cables
Breasts electrified
Piercings red hot
The burning smell of skin
drifts through the room
As she lays on the cot
Smoke seeps from within her womb
if you love something it is no sin
but a love that is sought
Together we adore the pain
It turns us on
Were not insane
A love bond
Like no other
It goes far beyond
Before the operation, she use to be my brother

Merle C. Paxton


Oh what a year it has been
From Argentina a new Pope
The Duck Dynasty kin
Toronto's crack smoking mayor
In Colorado and Washington legalization of dope
Mandatory health care
Miley Cyrus' wild twerk
Steve Martin's funny tweet
Made him look like an old jerk
The Dow and S&P reach a new feat
The Mandela signer's mind not sound
Charles Ramsey does a good deed
George Zimmerman stands his ground
And three women freed
A new American oil boom
Nuclear talks with Iran
China lands on the moon
Gigantic water reservoir under Greenland
Rand Paul's filibuster
Jonathan Winters on the other side
Ted Cruz nothing but a bluster
2013 has been a wild ride
Get ready for even more
As we open the 2014 door
Expect even more

Anson Pine

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