Working Poems

The Shipping Dock

Sitting on the shipping dock
Watching the trucks drive away
Playing with my cock
It's a great way to spend the day
Forklifts going left and right
Pallets going on the truck
My assistant has an overbite
But boy can she ever suck
Working the shipping docks
Making pretty good pay
This job really rocks
each and every day
The trucks come and the trucks go
but my assistant is always here
with a warm welcoming blow
I love that little dear
It is not in her job description
at least I am pretty sure
She may think it is in encryption
which would motivate her
She has nice firm lips
that vibrate when she sucks
and nice big hips
For many would pay big bucks
But she makes regular pay
Working on the dock
each and every day
riding forklifts and fondling my cock
She works hard and deserves a raise
Here's hoping she gets it, one of these days

Boris Slava

Flight Attendant Blues

I fly every day
with people who are obnoxious
It is not just what they say
their smells are noxious
They are rude and vile
and not very nice
Are easy to rile
to be quite precise
They cram their goods into the overhead bin
When I tell them they can't
You would think I killed their next of kin
Then they go off on a rant
Flight attendant is my job
To keep order in the sky
Of an unruly mob
Some of them high
A fat man that cannot fit in his seat
The mother cannot control her child
A tall man dangles in the aisle his feet
Near the window a drunk goes wild
In first class, a lady spills wine from a carafe
Of a service dog there is a complaint
On this flight I am the sheriff
and a saint
Just another day flying through the air
Your relatives and friends
make me want to pull out my hair

Anson Pine

Call Girl

I work hard every day
Grinding it out on the street
Making my pay
on my weary feet
In my line of work I meet all types
Businessmen, pilots and restaurateurs
Sometimes I think I should be a psych
For mostly I meet the obnoxious and the boors
They like to hang with my friends and me
To do things that no one else will
One time I even had one watch me pee
Believe it or not, they are run of the mill
Nothing special just ordinary people
No one glamorous
Mostly feeble
And somewhat amorous
We are a strange collection
this we call society
Sometimes in reflection
I question the piety
I meet the best
and I meet the worst
Take them back to my nest
and feed their thirst
We have a bash
I play with his thing
He gives me some cash
Then I buy some bling
I make a living and then some
It's a hard career
making them cum
especially in my derriere
The money is good
The bling is better
Hope it is understood
You may have to do an Irish Setter
So if you are game
and not much afraid
You could be a dame
that is very well paid

Merle C. Paxton

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