Hunger Poems

Umm Burgers

Ruby Tuesday, Applebee's, TGI Fridays
Commercials on TV all the time
Make me hungry every day
Food is always on my mind
Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and Chili's
Inundated with their ads
If I don't eat I get the willies
Hungry all the way to my gonads
If only I could afford the meal
Satisfied would be my tummy
Unfortunately I need a deal
I have to go elsewhere for my yummy
McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King
I may get fat from fast food
But my tummy in delight shall sing
Because it tastes very, very good
The grease, the sauce, the love of the burger
Delicious salted French fries
It is enough to make one murder
This no one can deny

Anson Pine


A man hungry on the street
With no food or drink
Worn soles on his feet
All he has is his stink
For food he does ask
As he stands on the curb
To give is no task
Yet you it disturbs
No job or family but only you
A stranger in a car
Is best he can do
Tonight his stomach will growl
You'll think nothing of him
As you sit on the toilet and empty your bowels
He lays on the dirt behind a bush
Hungry and alone
As your extra soft paper wipes your tush
And your dog chews the leftover bone
While you sleep in the comfort of your bed
The man hungry you saw on the street is nearly dead
But tomorrow brings another day
A hungry woman stands on the street
You look the other way
It is not your concern she cannot eat
Every day they beg, more common is the bum
No longer are they visible
To their pain you have become numb
Their life simply miserable
The hungry live in despair
It says something about us
When we drive by in our cars with little care
What we have given is what we have become
A big fat zero, is the sum

Anson Pine

(For Her Love)

Hungry for her love
I see her standing at the counter
Like one of God's doves
How I want to mount her
Her hair wavy like an ocean
Skin pale like the moon
I tremble with her every motion
I got to have her real soon
She smiles like a Goddess
And looks like a queen
She seems so modest
If you know what I mean
Sparkling are her eyes
Shining are her teeth
Her perfume gets me high
and shaking like a leaf
Thirsty for her juice
Hungry for her beef
Turn me loose
She's an absolute winner
and tonight my hungry man dinner

Boris Slava

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