Poems Of Life

Dream On

There once was a man named Fred
He thought he was alive but he was dead
He lived his whole life
through pain and strife
He thought it couldn't get worse
but it did
One day he got mad at his wife
and completely blew his lid
They did fight and yell
He went to the sack
Only to end up in hell
He had a heart attack
and died in his sleep
All in the middle of a nightmare
Now his dream goes on in terror
He thinks he is alive
But not all is as it seems
He is dead but his life goes on in a dream

Anson Pine

Old Man

I looked in the mirror
at some sad sack
In his eyes a look of fear
As he looked back
He was tired and old
As he stood in the nude
He shivered but not from the cold
This was some strange dude
His legs were thin and bony
A belly like Santa Claus
His skin was crusty like Rice-A-Roni
A misfit lost cause
This is someone people mock
With his pencil neck and balding head
Standing there with his hand on his tiny cock
Waiting to be dead
A drip coming from his nose
His mouth corners with crust
Green nails on his toes
His life a bust
After all these years this is what he is
A disgusting old man
With a distinct smell of jiz

Merle C. Paxton

(Is What You Make It)

Life is what you make it
Rich and loaded with dough
Like that fellow named Mitt
or poor as a hobo
It is up to you to do the work
and make it all happen
If not you're the jerk
So make some money rapping
Or become a big time lawyer
Maybe a TV anchor
Like Diane Sawyer
Just don't be a wanker
There are many ways to make the bucks
Like that guy from the Commander
He made a call to get some ducks
Don't stand around and banter
There is money to be made
Some do it as pro poker players
Others in basketball like Mr. Wade
and some are old fashioned soothsayers
All you need is an idea
To make some cash
I wouldn't lie to ya
or blow smoke up your ass
So put on your thinking cap
And come up with a plan
In your brain you must tap
Always remember that you can

Anson Pine

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