Poems Of Apology

I Apologize

I am sorry I made a joke about your religion
and a joke about you being gay
It was offensive a smidgen
But it was funny you would have to say
I joke about the color of your skin
and that you're a fat little person
But it is all for the comedy win
So quit your cursing
It's just a joke
Don't take it to heart
A laugh for the folk
Don't be such a tart
Lighten up and laugh at yourself
Don't be so uptight
It's not good for your health
To have so much spite
It's just a joke
I apologize
Don't be a dope
Humor has homogenized
If we can't tell it like it is
There will be less laughs
In the comedy biz
Without the gay, fat, Black or Jew
There would be a whole lot less jokes that we can do
So I apologize

Anson Pine

The Gay Fat Black Jew And The Straight Thin White Christian

A gay fat Black Jew walks into a bar
The straight, thin, white Christian bartender asked
Did you hear the joke about the gay, fat, Black Jew?
I am offended the gay fat Black Jew said as his voice cracked
The straight thin white Christian bartender asked which are you?
He replied, for I am gay fat Black and a Jew
The straight thin white Christian bartender said boy you must really need a drink
The gay fat Black Jew said I do but don't call me boy
The straight thin white Christian bartender said, I apologize I am just old white goy

Anson Pine

Bye, Bye

I didn't know what to tell you
I didn't know what to say
I didn't know what you would do
On this particular day
I thought about it for a long time
The pros and the cons
It doesn't make it better even in a rhyme
I was up till dawn
Looking for an answer
I know it isn't right to tell you I have cancer
It is not easy to do
Especially in person
Breaking up with you
It can only be hurt'in
But I thought it best
We go our separate ways
Consider it God's test
These next few days
You are a great person
And I will always think of you
Hope your pain does not worsen
I apologise in advance
You are a very lovely female
I just can't stand your rants
So I am breaking up by e-mail
Bye, Bye

Boris Slava

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