Sports Poems

Football Is My Life
(It Feels Like Sunday)

It is football season
Gladiators of the field
My life again has reason
And my body completely healed
Sunday morning I head to the stadium
I am ready to go
Supercharged like radium
No ordinary Joe
In the locker room I await
I am mentally and physically fit
Soon I will meet my fate
Ready for the first hit
My uniform clean
It is time to start
The fans go wild as I am seen
For the game I do my part
These are my fans
I am the beer man, coo coo cochoo
I have both bottles & cans
For my fans either will do

Anson Pine


Drop the puck
win the faceoff
Takes more than luck
They're fast, they're tough
Playing on ice
with knives on their shoes
A game of the mighty, not mice
Warriors of speed and balance
Hard hitting checks
Keepers of valiance
crashing into boards
Frozen rubber they control
holding sticks like swords
The blueline they patrol
Joust meets ballet on the frozen water
The man in the crease
a final defender
Stick handling across the rink
It is in the net
before you blink
Speed and agility
muscle and strength
A noble sport of unquestionable ability

Boris Slava

The Boxer
(You Da Man)

Boxing is the sport of kings
You can have your baseball, football or hockey
With their bling-bling championship rings
Boxing is the sport of Rocky
The victors wear a big shiny belt
A battle of one on one
Until their body is a complete welt
No helmets or shoulder pads
Sissies need not apply
Protecting only their gonads
Let's see other athletes give it a try
Two souls pounding away
Blood, sweat and from one's eye a tear
Coming in second is the only fear
As tough as an ox
Moves like a ballet dancer
Smart as a fox
As destructive as cancer
No pinch hitter, no second-string quarterback or backup goalie
The boxer depends on himself solely
To hurt their opponent and knock him down
Relentless and brutal describes their behavior
All in an effort to win the crown
And when it's all done, they thank their savior

Anson Pine

The Game

I love the game
It pumps me up
Like a beautiful dame
With a big size cup
Go to bed thinking of my team
Wake up the next day
They're in my dream
Got to see them play
They are big, they are fast
Moving in all directions
Like the breasts of the girl jogging past
They give me an erection
I love my team
They'll win, is my prediction
I'm a drug fiend
It is my addiction
The game cuts like a knife
Giving reason for life

Anson Pine

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