Things Overheard At The Secret Service

Things Overheard At The Secret Service

I checked with my psychic, don't worry she said no problems this month.

You know that earphone is not for music?

I forgot my sunglasses.

Great I am on the presidential advance trip. First dibs on prostitutes!

Check out these pics of Melania.

There is a man running inside the White House, stand down it is Chuck Schumer trying to get out.

Who took a dump in the Rose Garden?

Let's take a selfie.

I'm so baked.

Shush ..... it's a secret.

Take a bullet for who? Yeah right.

Anyone still follow Julia Pierson on twitter?

Someone tell Mulvaney no more burritos!

Next guy that jumps the fence we shoot, giftwrap and send his body off to Speaker Pelosi.

Oh look a butterfly.

Dude, this job is boring, good thing I can play online poker.

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