By Scotty Kowall

Epilogue from an earlier Tirade on Sling TV.

After countless Tweets between me and Sling support during each game to get the game on that was not supposed to be blacked out, I tried a different route. The Twitter support team did manage to get some games on with 5 minutes left or as in the last game, 1 minute left in the game. To try and get the problem rectified I attempted to write directly to Sling support. I went on the Sling website. Wrote an e-mail for help.

Below is my e-mail to Sling TV:
(The only change is my actual address)


There seems to be a problem in getting my local regional sports network broadcast of Fox Sports Florida for the Florida Panthers games. I use a Roku device for streaming. I am in Broward County, Florida and Panthers are the local team which I pay Sling the extra fee to get Fox Sports Florida and Florida Panthers games. They are not suppose to be blacked out in my area however when I turn the games on there is a notice of a blackout restriction for the game in my area. I have gotten home in the last period to watch the games and find this game blacked out. The game did come on after quite a wait for a previous game but last game I got back late in the third period and the game did not come one until it was over. First off I am in the area that should get the game. I have tweeted back and forth with sling answers and some are more helpful than others. That said it seems every game I go through the same problem. Does someone or is a automated computer at Sling responsible for determining who is allowed to see a game and who gets it blacked out? Or is Fox Sports Florida have the control? Since I am not able to be home for the beginning of the game and come in towards the end of game, is there a delay for the system to know that my Roku device is allowed to watch the game and stop the blackout? I signed up with Sling specifically to watch Florida Panthers games knowing that the NHL and Fox Sports Networks signed a deal allowing streaming in their local region of NHL games. If I can't watch the games because of an error somewhere in the system than I will cancel my Sling subscription however I would like to see if you can help me rectify the problem before I go that route.

I am allowed to watch the Panthers games yet when I turn on the game it has a notice that it is blacked out in my area. How do we fix this? Is there a time delay for the system to check my Roku and see it should not be blacked out? How long does it take for the system to see when not to blackout a game? I would appreciate some assistance with this problem.

Scott Kowall

Sling TV's reply:

Hello Scott Kowall,

Thank you for contacting Sling TV Customer Support. We do apologize for the trouble that you have been experiencing watching your games. Just like other TV providers are subject to blackouts, because we do not own the rights to the games, some games can be blacked out. You can try to use an over the air antenna to pick up the local Fox channel to get the game.

You can find more information regarding blackouts and Sling TV at

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Thank you for taking back TV with Sling TV!

Sincerely, Sling TV Support

"You can try to use an over the air antenna, " obviously the person replying either didn't read my e-mail or understand the game is on a RSN and not supposed to be blacked out, nor did they even try and help to fix the problem. So I cancelled Sling TV because it was futile to try and get Sling to even understand that the games are supposed to be shown in my area. That said a couple of the Twitter people on @slinganswers seemed to understand but did not know how to correct the problem but most didn't even understand the problem and Sling support had an indifference to fix the problem as indicted by the above reply. So now I am again without NHL hockey on TV. I could try the PlayStation™Vue but it seems expensive when all I want is one channel, ditto for cable or satellite. My experience with Sling has left me apprehensive to even try another service. Instead of watching hockey I will spend my time meditating and thinking peaceful thoughts...

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