Scotty Kowall

It is that time of the year when everyone gives everyone else a gift. If you don't give someone a gift you usually at least give them a card. This is not a good time to be a tree. Thousands of trees are cut down every year so people can let it die a slow death in their house. The tradition of using an evergreen tree as part Christmas started 400 years ago in Germany. I have no idea what provoked someone to put a tree in their house and surround it with gifts but is a much better idea then putting the gifts outside. All of those gifts are wrapped in paper. Many trees are cut down to provide the paper to wrap the gifts to sit under the dead tree in the home. Countless trees are cut down to make the cards that accompany the gifts that sit under the dead tree. Everyone sends holiday cards. We usually send cards to people we rarely see. I send them just to remind people that I am still alive and to make them feel guilty that they never sent me one. I am not going to harp on how commercial Christmas and Chanukah have become. It is obvious. The public has been led to believe giving gifts is somehow religious. It is a masterful job of salesmanship. Incorporporate buying merchandise into mainstream religions. It is sacrilegious but it is also genius. If Christ returned to walk the earth. What would he think of being used to sell merchandise? Would it bother him? Chances are he would forgive everyone and celebrate Chanukah.

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