By Scotty Kowall

Many Republicans are licking their wounds from an overwhelming electoral and senate defeat. Some blame Hurricane Sandy, some blame Governor Christie, some blame media bias for Romney's loss. The fact is Mitt Romney lost because of Mitt Romney. A candidate should always be able to carry his own state. Romney couldn't bring in his home state of Massachusetts much like Al Gore couldn't bring in his home state of Tennessee in the 2000 election. Sure Massachusetts is a liberal state but if Romney was as bipartisan a Governor as he claimed he should have won. Republican Scott Brown had won in Massachusetts, even if he lost reelection. A good Republican can win there. A candidate needs to be honest and not hide facts. Romney hid most of his past tax returns. Romney hid his economic plan only giving generalities. If you can't be honest with the facts, the people are not going to elect you. A candidate has to have a core value, something he or she believes in. If a candidate changes his positions and flip flops especially on so many issues as Romney did, it makes one question his trustworthiness. Romney makes people question whether he is being truthful. Romney trying to claim he was for the auto bailout after writing an article entitled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" in which he pushed for a normal bankruptcy when the banks were in crisis and were not giving loans is insincere and comes back to trust. A candidate has to have facts. Without releasing actual plans Romney's math just never added up. If you decrease taxes, increase defense spending and claim to balance the budget without specific plans people will question the candidate. Throw in the 47% video where Romney says some really bad things behind closed doors and you have a real trust issue. If anyone made it a class warfare issue it was Mitt Romney. A candidate has to have compassion. Romney's extreme position to the right of Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry for in state tuition for illegal immigrant children was a lack of compassion. Another candidate as the nominee, such as Governor Perry and Hispanics would not have run so fast to the Democratic Party. Republicans lost the Hispanic vote in large part due to Mitt Romney. He was not going to get the Hispanic vote telling them he will make life so difficult in America for many in their family that they will, “self deport.” Mitt Romney was a flawed candidate. The Republican Party can thank the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United for giving them Mitt Romney. It was the big money behind Romney that took Newt Gingrich out of the primaries. Gingrich may also not have won the Electoral College but he most likely would have done better than Romney. He wouldn't have had the auto bailout work against him in Ohio. He is a much better speaker than Romney and has experience working with Democrats. Gingrich is a man that while as Speaker of the House did reach across the aisle to work with Democratic President Bill Clinton, even while he impeached him. Gingrich sat down with Nancy Pelosi to make a global warming television commercial. Had he been the Republican nominee, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg might have endorsed him instead of President Obama and we might have had a President-elect Newt Gingrich. For all the hidden money that Citizens United put into the election, ironically the only ones that felt their pain was the Republican Party and their money man Karl Rove who spent a whole lot of money for very little in return….

The main reason the Republicans lost the Senate, a few seats in the House and contributed to the Electoral College thumping of Mitt Romney was policies. As long as Republicans keep pushing their personal religious views on others they will have a hard time winning national or statewide elections. It wasn't that Republicans Todd Akins or Richard Mourdock spoke ineloquently or miss spoke it was the policy behind what they said that hurt them. I understand that some peoples' religious view is that life starts at conception and in their opinion all abortions are wrong and should be illegal however they need to understand that not all people have the same religious views as them and when they start forcing others to live by only their religious view, it is seen as intruding into others' personal lives. When Republicans want to force women who have been raped to carry a rapist's baby to term it is seen by most of the country as insensitive and inhumane. Republican Congressman Paul Ryan said, "If you believe that life begins at conception, that therefore doesn’t change the definition of life. That’s a principle." When one has that belief they must also deal with the consequences of a rape victim. Republican Richard Mourdock said that if a woman was raped and became pregnant, that was, “something that God intended to happen.” Soon to be former Republican Congressman Todd Akin who talked of "legitimate rape" as if rape can be legitimate had co-sponsored several congressional bills with Congressman Ryan including a bill to give “personhood” to a fertilized egg, in effect giving the egg the same legal rights as a human being. This would make all abortions illegal including those for rape victims as well making in vitro fertilization illegal. These are radical changes fostered by their own religious beliefs. If Paul Ryan and his religious extremists in Congress wish to pursue these bills in Congress then they must address the effect it will have on women. They must not hide but they must answer the hard questions. Should rape victims be required by law to carry a pregnancy caused by a rape to term? If so then what would be the penalty for an abortion? If the egg has personhood, would the penalty for an abortion be death or life imprisonment? Would they want their wife or daughter who was raped to carry the rapist's baby to term? Would they raise the baby or would they throw it on to society to care for it? It is easy to say as Congressman Ryan did, "If you believe that life begins at conception, that therefore doesn’t change the definition of life. That’s a principle." It is not so easy to tell America what the consequences for having an abortion would be. If Congressman Ryan and his religious wing of the Republican Party want to continue on this inquisition against women then expect the Republican Party to be a fringe party only able to win in a gerrymandered House of Representatives where districts are easy to win when they are made to order. The Republican Party use to for individual liberty but in recent history is a party that wants to force their religious views on others, whether on abortion, contraception or gay marriage, and as long as they do, the party is doomed to failure in national and statewide elections. People voting for the senate in states like Massachusetts were concerned to vote for a moderate Republican like Senator Scott Brown because he could give control of the senate to Republicans who would implement these religious views on the country. Republicans will now have to defend their extreme religious views in states that have moderate senate candidates and that may cost Republicans the senate for years to come…

Most of America is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. People want government to work and stay out of the peoples' private lives. The Republican Party doesn't need just a brand change, they need an overhaul. Republicans need to determine whether they are going to continue as a religious right party that can only win in small House districts or a national party. If they are to be a national party they need stop intruding on peoples' private lives with different religious views than themselves. People in Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana and in Maine people voted to allow same-sex marriage. This shows the country is moving to a liberal, somewhat libertarian view of personal liberty and the Republican Party can either accept the America of this millennium or live in their own counterculture of Fox News and right wing radio media as they fade into history at an alarming rate…

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