World's Worst Pickup Lines

Many beautiful moments were the direct result of the first words spoken, commonly known as the pickup line. Many beautiful moments never were because of the choice of the pickup line. Listed here are the world's worst pickup lines. If you can pick someone up using these lines you are truly impressive. We present for your reading pleasure, World's Worst Pickup Lines

You bring back memories of home, you smell just like pickled herring.

I'll bet you had labia surgery. I can tell by your smile.

I saw you in aerobics class and I just wanted to say that you look great with your legs up in the air.

I use to be an political advisor for Jeb Bush.

Want to see my Larry the Cable Guy tattoo?

Would you rub some cream on me? It gets rid of scabies.

Ever hear of Crest 3D White's Whitestrips?

It you were an identical twin, you wouldn't be half bad.

Don't I know you from the homeless shelter?

Want to come over to my place? I'll show you my kiddie porn collection.

You have an interesting face.

Here's your free breadsticks.

You would look good in a berka.

Want to take a selfie together?

You smell good…in a dirty ashtray sort of way.

Do you want to have sex in my pickup truck?

You carry your weight well.

Would you like to see my weapon?

You look like a female version of Wolf Blitzer, without the beard.

You have a zit on the side of your nose, can I pop it?

Do you have your own porn site? Because you could and I have a camera.

You are my personal Jihad.

Do you swallow?

You have the same hair as my dog Sparky.

If you did something with your hair and lost 30 pounds, you would be cute.

That nose job didn't go very well but it gives you character.

They say TV adds 20 pounds, you definitely should stay off it.

Can I build you a web site?

Pull my finger.

I like girls with one eyebrow. Two eyebrows just seems one too many.

Wanna see me chug a beer?

I just got out of prison and haven't had sex in 6 years, would you like to meet for coffee sometime?

I saw you sitting at the bar and thought what the hell I have dated worse.

Your perfume smells like Raid.

Would you like to come over to my place and give me a bath?

That's some nose on you!

I think fat chicks are sexy.

Do all the women in your family have mustaches?

You are pretty enough to be a stripper. Want to slide down my pole.

I think 9/11 was a government conspiracy. How about you?

Somebody has a yeast infection.

Where's your tits?

When I look at you I think about doing it doggie style.

I like skinny, flat chested women because it makes me feel like I’m having sex with a boy.

You look like the hooker I got arrested with last week.

Your breasts almost look real.

I got something I want to put in your undisclosed location.

I think I saw your picture on one of those loser dating sites, maybe not she was prettier.

You kinda look like Madeleine Albright.

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