Things Overheard At The World Poker Tour

Would you be on my podcast?

I forgot my sunglasses.

Someone tell Sexton no more burritos!

I would shake your hand but I forgot my Purell hand sanitizer.

I have the nuts!

Who wants some pistachios?

I smell Axe cologne.

Let's take a selfie.

Does Van Patten know when he is not in the booth we can hear him?

You like my new hoodie?

I'm on such a winning streak the Royal Flush Girls are my bathroom attendants.

Meet me later by the pool.

Don't touch me!

Come up to my room and I will introduce you to Big Slick.

I would but I heard it was more of a Small Blind.

How come I always sit next to the guy that doesn't bathe?

Wow look at those boobs!

Would you like a mint?

Show me your cards.

The funny eye glasses, very clever.

All in. Shit!

WPT Poker? I thought I paid for the Writing Proficiency Test.

Are you happy to see me or is that a deck of cards in your pocket?

You look fatter on TV.

Nice hat, was there a sale at J. C. Penney?

I follow you on Twitter.

I'm verified.

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